Testimonial 2

3 step program to
weight lose!

Step 1: First 3 Days

No calories counting! These foods are lean meats, e.g. turkey, chicken, pork, beef all lean and seafood. The vegetables are mainly green in the first 3 days. We take top of the range supplements which are all natural to support your body through the whole program.

Step 2: Meal Plans

For between 27 – 37 days we have a meal plan and an approved list which you follow a low calorie count for these days. The nutritional support is all natural. We have a lot of doctors and nutritionists very supportive of the program.

Step 3: Maintenance

Maintenance off another approved food list but calorie intake doubles and if going to repeat the stages need to be on stage 3 for at least 14 days.

Testimonial 1
Phatt Offer

Rachel’s story

I was so embarrassed about my body. I love the beach, but was so self-conscious about myself that it made me sick. I was tired all the time, my clothes were tight, all my tops were baggy so nobody could see my tubby tummy and muffin tops. I tried to hide my butt, but was just there for the world to see (I called it my KK after Kim Kardashian).
I had hit that time in my life where I was getting hot flushes and the weight was just piling on and I needed to find a solution, but at the same time getting my health back on track, a healthy weight loss for my menopause weight gain.
I had visited the doctor, who told me it was just my age and I was fighting mother nature. I asked if I could see a specialist in Menopause. She said there were no solutions that could help me with my weight. I felt completely lost.

I came home feeling more down than ever, ready to just come to terms with having to wear baggier clothes for the rest of my life.

Then, I saw an ad on Facebook, stating that I could lose 10-145% of my body weight with one round of the phatt program. My reaction at first was “yeah right”. I decided, after about 4 days thinking of it contently that I would give it a go. So I did!! The fact it was a healthy weight loss, no exercise diet was perfect for me.

In the first 55 days, I lost 18kgs and at the end of my journey of 2.5 months I lost in total 24.5kgs. Wow!!!! All I could say was, Wow!!!

I called up my mentor and asked if I could promote the Phatt Program as as an Independent Modere Social Marketer I was so impressed and wanted to help people in the same position as me.

Now, I am a Mentor, helping others with weight loss support. I love what I do, I have great passion for my position as I know exactly what it takes and the struggles people face and it saved me from so many unhappy days.

I love my life and how I feel. I have so much energy and want to shout to the roof tops that this works!!

Over a year down the track and I have kept all my weight off and helped so many others with their weight loss journey.

I would love to help so many more!!